Promoting Proper Management of Zoonotic Diseases Through One Health e-based Training of Frontline Health Workers

Project Summary

The project gave priority to Brucellosis because the disease is very similar to malaria, they wanted to see if its solution could be through using ICT applications, and also the understanding of our specialists who are the ones who meet the people every day in clinics and health centers and they are the ones who are directly involved in the community to identify patient and refer them to Hospitals.

The aim of the study was to increase awareness and control of Brucellosis using One Health e-based and provide education among citizens and health workers in Tanzania where they chose to conduct the study in Chalinze and Kilosa Districts.

Hosting Unit
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Hosting Department
Department of Veterinary Medicine and Public Health
Project Leader
Esron Karimuribo
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Completed Project
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