AFRICITY - Adaptability, Food Security, Risk, and the Right to the City in Sub-Sahara Africa: Towards Sustainable Livelihoods and Green Infrastructure

Project Summary

AfriCity is a collaborative research, teaching and training project. It explores the causes and effects of environmental change and resource use in Sub-Saharan African cities. The project considers rapid social and economic transformation processes and their external and internal drivers, and assesses the barriers for potentials of social adaptability in the context of inequity, risk, and resourcefulness.

The two main objectives of the project are to explore and understand vulnerability and adaptability to environmental and resource change, with an emphasis the issues of risk and food security, in sub-Saharan African cities; and to promote sustainable urban livelihoods and adaptability through understanding communicating the right to the city with regards to the necessary green and infra-structure. Among various activities, the project promotes student exchange visits to enhance trans-national cooperation and networking of scholars among the project partners.

Hosting Unit
College of Agriculture
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Department of Food Technology, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences
Project Leader
Prof. John Msuya
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Completed Project
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