SUA welcomes 2020/2021 postgraduate students

On Saturday 30th January 2020, Sokoine University of Agriculture, through the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, Research, Technology Transfer and Consultancy (DPRTC), organized a special event to welcome all first-year  MasterPostgraduate Diploma and PhD students who joined the university during 2020/2021 academic year. 


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The occasion aimed to expose students to the environment and culture of Sokoine University of Agriculture as well as to allow staff and students to interact with each other and experience the real life of the university 

Deputy Vice-chancellor (Academic), Professor Maulid Mwatawala, delivered an official opening speech where he started by acknowledging the presence of the first-year postgraduate students, staff and various members of the management team for coming to the event despite many responsibilities they have.

In his speech, Prof. Mwatawala congratulated all postgraduate students for choosing to study at the Sokoine University of Agriculture and introduced them to various issues of importance to them such as research, publications, intellectual property, inventions and patents management and other university guidelines which they have to align with.

He highlighted that the Sokoine University of Agriculture is the best institution that has a long-term experience in offering postgraduate studies since the early 1970s and has maintained its position in high ranked institutions in Tanzania and Africa.

He mentioned also that in the recent ranking results released by webometrics, Sokoine University of Agriculture ranked the first in Citations ( among the Tanzanian Universities for the period ending January 2021, with a total of 89,752 citations, so they made a right decision to choose to join SUA

He also assured all students that the university has established a special unit to ensure that all technologies, discoveries and innovations made by students who have done their research studies at Sokoine University of Agriculture are legally protected

Prof. Mwatawala concluded his remarks by reminding them to spend their time wisely because time is short and make sure they all graduate in time and that after finishing their studies he urged them to join and become active members of SUA alumni association network and continue to be part of SUA family

Initially speaking before welcoming the Official Guest, Director of the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies, Research, Technology Transfer and consultancy, Prof. Esron Karimuribo said in recent years, there is an increase in a number of students enrolling for Higher Degrees at the university and this is a sign that the institution is producing better graduates.​​​​​​​

He said this year they have seen a significant increase in the number of students from 176 students in 2016 to more than 240 students this year

"We have every reason to thank the University Council and Management in general for giving us the great cooperation that has enabled the growth of the number of students enrolment," said Prof Karimuribo

Prof Karimuribo also thanked various research project and programmes hosted at SUA and outside SUA such as REFOREST, SACIDS, RSIF-PASET and others for providing funds that enabled students to undertake their studies at the Sokoine University of Agriculture.

Other university officials who attended the occasion and got the opportunity to speak included Principals of Colleges, Dean of School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies, Directors and Heads of different administrative units who provide services and logistical supports to postgraduate students.

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Photo Credits: Gerald Lwomile - SUAMEDIA

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