SUA Mizengo Pinda Campus to become hub for spreading modern farming technologies

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THE government plans to make the Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Mizengo Pinda Campus at Mlele in Katavi Region to be the hub for spreading better technologies in farming, livestock keeping, beekeeping, and tourism to farmers in the country to ensure the nation benefits from these sectors.

SUA Mizengo Pinda Campus Board Chairman, who is also the Director of the Uyole Centre of Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI-Uyole), Dr Tulole Bucheyeki said they aim to make sure the campus become the hub for better farming technologies to be distributed to other areas in the country.

He said the technologies will concentrate in improving beekeeping and environmental preservation as well as integrating other technologies which he claimed they will make sure the university’s needs are attained to improve the country’s agricultural sector.

“We have come here to Katavi to discuss on how we can make this campus that was established last year with me as its board chairman become an example to be emulated in producing modern technologies that would assist in beekeeping as well as preserving the environment and benefit farmers in the Southern Highlands regions,” said Dr Bucheyeki.

SUA Mizengo Pinda Campus Principal Prof George Mwamengele said apart from its being a national university, its aim is to assist members of the community surrounding it to ensure they get modern farming education and technology.

Some of the students at the campus including Anitha Lyaka said her dream is to get knowledge that would enable her to go and assist the community on better farming practices. 

She said they have been provided with extension services education and the use of various farming technologies as well as how to assist farmers whenever they get problems in regard to their crops.

Another student, Silas Nanyala said the community still use traditional farming practices hence the education to be provided to him at the campus will assist him to educate farmers to abandon old farming practices and instead use modern technologies to harvest more crops.

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