Sokoine University of Agriculture appreciates NMB Bank support

Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) has appreciated and thanked the NMB Bank for their great contribution in bringing development to the University and the Nation as a whole

Prof. Raphael Chibunda

Prof.Raphael Chibunda

The thanks were given by the Vice Chancellor of the Sokoine university of Agriculture Prof. Raphael Chibunda during the launching ceremony of the new NMB SUA Branch on Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

"We as Scholars see this Bank as the mainstay of the economy in the country due to the great investment they have made and the services they provide for many years since its incorporation", said Prof. Chibunda.

Prof. Chibunda also thanked the Bank for providing employment to Sokoine University of Agriculture graduates through their Agribusiness unit as most of the experts in the unit come from Sokoine University of Agriculture and are employed by the Bank.

"We as a university, take this opportunity to say thank you very much and we ask you to continue to provide employment to our graduates because of the skills and great potential they have", said Prof. Chibunda.

He also commended the Bank for continuing to design and provide quality, affordable, fast and digital services such as NMB mobile which enables the customer to open a bank account using a mobile phone from anywhere.

Speaking earlier on, before welcoming the official guest to launch the new NMB SUA Branch, the Chief Customer and Business Officer from NMB, Mr. Filbert Mponzi thanked the leadership of Sokoine University of Agriculture for welcoming them to the university premises.

Mr. Mponzi said NMB Bank is a close ally of the Government, it is the largest and most profitable bank for more than 10 years, and currently has 226 branches and the new branch launched here at Sokoine University of Agriculture makes 227 branches.

"Today, we are opening our NMB SUA branch where residents of Morogoro region who are close to Kididimo, Magadu, Misufini, Mzinga, and SUA community members will have found a nearby place to get their banking services and needs ." He said Mr. Mponzi.

He added that in addition to the launching of the new branch, NMB Bank has donated equipment worth more than 13 million shillings for SUA hospital including laundry machines, wheelchairs and desks at the Secondary School. SUA.

"We at NMB Bank have been at the forefront of contributing to development in our Nation, therefore after opening a branch here we have seen fit to support the community around us and start showing cooperation to the community members of this area", said Mr. Mponzi.

Expressing his gratitude to the Official Guest, Chief Human Resources Officer from NMB, Mr. Emmanuel Akonay thanked Vice Chancellor Prof. Raphael Chibunda for accepting the call to go and launch a branch of the Bank. He also mentioned that NMB Bank has issued a check worth 2.5 million shillings to Sokoine University of Agriculture which will be used for planting trees on the university site.

To learn more about NMB Bank visit the below link

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