Kizimba Business Model launched; will help increase productivity in agriculture

The Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO) in collaboration with various stakeholders have created and launched a farming model named Kizimba Business Model which is an Entrepreneurial Approach in Agriculture Sector Development where a block of land is developed with all necessary infrastructure and facilities divided into small units called Kizimba and leased/transferred to individual farmers

Sokoine University of Agriculture

Minister of Agriculture Hon. Prof. Adolf Mkenda speaking during the launch of the Kizimba Business Model at SUGECO - Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro

The model was launched on the 16th of March 2021 at Sokoine University of Agriculture Morogoro by the Minister of Agriculture, Professor Adolf Mkenda where he explained how the approach will help farmers increase productivity in agriculture and thus help them to overcome poverty and also increase GDP

Professor Mkenda explained that among the major problems that cause many farmers to remain poor is their limited productivity so the issue of productivity must now be given greater emphasis throughout the country on each crop.

"Agriculture contributes 28 percent to GDP which is equivalent to one third while more than three-thirds of the national workforce is engaged in agriculture and this clearly shows that the contribution of agriculture is very small compared to the number of people engaged in agriculture," said. Prof Mkenda

Prof. Mkenda indicated that the aim of his ministry is to see farmers produce more and increase their income as increasing income will help boost the country's economy.

Professor Mkenda emphasized that increasing productivity in agriculture will also help farmers to compete in the domestic and foreign markets and in order to get there, various factors must be considered including having better seeds, fertilizers, modern agricultural technologies, and extension services.

‘‘Kizimba Business Model is the best way to help farmers get all the necessary infrastructure and services in agriculture in one place easily and thus helping them to increase productivity so we as the Government and the Ministry applaud this approach and we need it to be implemented soon so that we can see and learn and apply it in other parts of the country, '' Hon. Prof. Mkenda

Vice Chancellor of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA), Prof. Raphael Chibunda delivering his message to audience who attended the event

Earlier speaking, the Vice Chancellor of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) Prof. Raphael Chibunda said that the main thing the university is focused on and stressed is to see agriculture become a business and not just for subsistence and food.

He added that in the last three to four years the university has made significant changes in its curriculum especially in practical training to be able to produce new farmers with the ability and skills to use their knowledge in agriculture effectively for self-employment instead of relying on employment.

"Our university has been given the mandate and responsibility to produce agricultural experts in the country, so we will continue to work with the Government and other agricultural stakeholders in helping to uplift agriculture in the country so I ask the minister to set aside time and come one day to pay an official visit to our university so that you can see what we are doing but also discuss with our experts to put in place plans and ideas that will help the ministry facilitate productive agriculture ”said Prof. Chibunda.

​​​​​​​SUGECO CEO Mr. Revocatus Kimario explaining the goals of SUGECO and the Kizimba Business Model before the official guest officially launches the Model

For his part, SUGECO CEO Revocatus Kimario explained that Kizimba Business Model is coming up with a new and better way to address many agricultural challenges such as infrastructure, Lack of land for young people to farm, lack of capital, lack of crop markets and lack of extension services as all of them will now be available in one location.

He said the approach will reduce and ultimately eliminate the various challenges faced by farmers, especially young people in the lack of land and especially irrigation infrastructure as they will all be located in one place and then young people will rent and do their agricultural activities productively

This approach is similar to the one used by the Local government Authority where they build an area for marketing and divide it into small rooms known as vizimba where they are then rented by retailers to do their business.

Retired Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture Peniel Lyimo addressing the audience during the launch of the Kizimba Business Model

Retired Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Peniel Lyimo said the emphasis on modern commercial agriculture should not only be on food security but also on business and be recognized as a job like other jobs although there are many risks and you never know when it will happen such as the presence of pests and diseases that attack crops so a special plan must be put in place to address the challenges that will arise.

Minister of Agriculture Hon. Prof. Adolf Mkenda (left) cutting the ribbon to launch the Block Farm and Agribusiness Management Manual on the right is SUGECO CEO, Mr. Revocatus Kimario

SUGECO Founder Prof. Anna Temu giving a word of thanks to the official guest and all who attended the event

Minister of Agriculture, Prof. Adolf Mkenda, Director of SUGECO Mr. Revocatus Kimario, Vice Chancellor of Sokoine Agricultural University (SUA) Prof. Rapahel Cibunda and other guests visiting the SUGECO Entrepreneurship exhibitions

Joseph Masimba (first from left) explaining to the official guest and others in the drawings how the Kizimba Business Model will be and how it works

Official Guest, Minister of Agriculture Hon. Prof. Adolf Mkenda and other officials visiting some of the SUGECO members' farms located in their offices at Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro

Group photo between the official guest and the beneficiaries of various SUGECO projects and works

The Kizimba Business Model is expected to be implemented for the first time in Mvomero district where they have acquired a 1500 acre farm and ongoing testing and preparation procedures in other districts of Nzega, Liwale and Mkuranga.

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Story and Photo Credits
Calvin Edward Gwabara, SUAMEDIA


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