2ND SUA Scientific Conference 2021: Researchers challenged to conduct research that solves problems in society

Researchers and scientists have been reminded and encouraged to conduct research that focuses specifically on solving various problems and challenges facing citizens in their daily activities


Professor Kipanyula

The challenge was raised by the Director of Technology and Innovation of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Prof. Maulilio Kipanyula while opening the Scientific Conference held on 25th May 2021 as part of activities at the Remembrance Week of the Dead Edward Moringe Sokoine which took place from 24 to 27 at the grounds of the Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro region, Tanzania.

In his speech, Professor Kipanyula called on the researchers to ensure that the types of studies they conduct are aimed at addressing social challenges in rural and urban areas. He explained that researchers who present their presentations at the conference are important to make sure they look in detail at how the results are relevant and related to the growth of the socio-economic development of the local environment.

He added that he was confident that the arguments that would emerge during the presentation would help to see how policies can address the gaps of the development agenda by improving human life. He stressed that researchers must conduct research that is relevant to our environment, that research should be guided by needs in the community so that when we get results we have direct use to solve various challenges in society.

Prof. Kipanyula concluded his speech by urging Sokoine Agricultural University to continue to conduct innovative research which is a solution to the challenges facing the community and also commended them for their decision to fund research activities using their local revenue.

"I acknowledge the efforts of Sokoine Agricultural University to start funding funding for various research projects from local revenues, and call on colleges and other institutions to continue to allocate local revenue to fund research." Said Prof. Kipanyula

Initially welcoming the official guest on behalf of the Vice Chancellor of the College, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the College (Academic) Prof. Maulidi Mwatawala said that SUA recognizes the importance of research and that is why it has now come up with a plan to help young researchers by providing them with funding to carry out their work effectively.

"Sokoine University of Agriculture, recognizing the importance of research and innovation, has set aside five hundred million shillings for young researchers to build their capacity. The university thought it was wise to set aside the money, and this year twenty young researchers have benefited from the funding, and we hope that in a year or two we will have the results of those studies. "Said Prof. Mwatawala

For his part, SUA Research and Publications Coordinator Prof. Japhet Kashaigili explained that it is an indisputable fact that development is brought about by research activities, so the second scientific conference is important in the development of the country and society as a whole due to the issues they will discuss in the conference.

"We have organized this conference to give our researchers the opportunity to present the results of their research but also to give the opportunity to various stakeholders to get presentations of the results of our research, to contribute to the development of our country, as we know research is very important and development any country depends on research. ” He said Prof. Kashaigili


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Catherine Mangula Ogessa, SUAMEDIA

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